Box Scraper

Move the Earth with a Strobel Box Scraper

Do you need to move earth from your job site, feed yard, race track or farm? Get high-quality box scrapers at Strobel Manufacturing. Strobel also builds a Heavy Duty, Medium Duty and General Purpose scraper . . . quality machines designed and manufactured for every-day use.

Options include – tilt axle, dual wheels, removable slide-in tongue and spade hitch.

The Strobel Extreme Heavy Duty Box Scraper 

Weighing twice as much as the Heavy Duty model (over 10,000 pounds!), you really can move the earth with the Extreme Heavy Duty.

Strobel Box Scrapers – Reliable and Durable

  • Side Supports: tapered and beveled for extra strength and durability
  • Curved Cutting Blades: unique design cuts quickly and accurately
  • Welded Tongue: tongue is welded to the back of the scraper rather than bolted or welded to the front support
  • Pivot Points: all pivot points are anti-rotational and greasable
  • Leading Edge: laminated 3/8" side plate with full 3/4" edge
Box Scraper

MD and HD Models Feature:

  • Swivel tongue, various hitch and tongue options
  • Optimal back and dump height
  • Leading front and side replaceable cutting blades
  • Machined bushings and anti-rotational pins provide a tighter tolerance than a loose clevis design which results in longer life. They stay tighter for longer periods.
Tilt Axle, Dual Wheels, Removeable Slide-in Tongue, and Spade Hitch.

The Strobel-Strong Warranty

The Strobel-Strong Warranty covers parts, materials, and workmanship.
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Strobel Strong
Since 1946

"I've had my Strobel Box Scraper for over ten years now the only thing I've done is replace the blades."

- Joseph, Redding, CA
The LD Model
It stands for “Light Duty” and is economical for work around the farm or acreage, but don’t let the name fool you. It’s still built ... Strobel Strong.
LD Box Scraper
LD Side Walls
LD Weld and Logo
LD at plant
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