Forced-Ejection Scraper

The Strobel Forced-Ejection Scraper is Breaking New Ground

Move massive amounts of dirt with the innovative Strobel Forced-Ejection Scraper. Our Strobel-Strong Warranty covers parts, materials, and workmanship. Check out our other earth movers and shapers — Pro-Graders, Box Scrapers, and Earth Packers.

We are committed to quality craftsmanship, innovation and problem-solving. Every machine is made Strobel Strong.

Features of This Earth-Moving Machine

  • Guide Rollers: adjustable 3" greasable concave rollers
  • Cutting Blades: low-profile design and 3-piece hi-strength cutting blades
  • Strobel-Strong Sides: corrugated smooth walls allows slick surface on both inside and outside - for cleaner and more efficient loading/unloading
  • Tires: heavy-duty industrial tires and rims with ten bolt hubs
  • Pivot Points: all pivot points are anti-rotational pins and greasable

Two Models to Choose From

  • 8.5 yard - 8 foot cut
  • 12 yard - 10 foot cut
  • 12,950 to 14,000 pounds
  • Available in tongue or dolly hitch
Get your Forced Ejection Scraper today!
"The Strobel Forced-Ejection Scraper is extremely heavy-duty, yet very user-friendly. This is the machine I've been looking for. It has exceeded my expectations in every way!"

- Jack, Ontario, Canada
Adjustable clean out blades.
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