The Strobel Pro-Grader . . . Experience the Cutting Edge!

Do you need to shape the earth? This versatile pull-type grader from Strobel is available in various blade models (12’, 14’ & 16’) . . . and offers options such as a single spade hitch, wireless remote controls and LED light package.
Pro Grader

The Strobel Pro-Grader Features:

  • Single Cab Controls: electric over hydraulic controls require only one hydraulic bank
  • Five Function Blade Operation: hydraulic, adjustable tilt, angle, lift, roll and side shift
  • Staggered Walking Tandem: maximizing stability with 8-ply single ribbed tires
  • Cylinders: exclusive cross-tube design with anti-rotational pins
  • Cutting Blades: replaceable 8" carbon steel – curved and beveled
  • End Plates: fold away, storable doors easily convert to a box scraper
  • Swing Tongue: versatile 5 foot left or right movement
  • Swivel Hitch: 360 degree, heavy-duty clevis or spade/hammer-strap options

Strobel Strong
Since 1946

"The roll of the blade is great when moving snow -- the Strobel Side-Shift allows me to keep my angle and pitch without readjusting"

- Tom, Billings, MT

"After a day of grading, my neck used to be shot, but with the Strobel Pro-Grader, I can turn my seat sideways so I don't have to look over my shoulder."

- Randy, Newton, IA
Offers walking tandem wheels and enclosed weight box.
Fold away, storable doors convert to box scraper.
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